About Us

Alert The Globe's original idea was conceived in the Recording Studios of Hollywood California back in 2011. The founders, Ron Garrett and David Harrelson had both been working in the Recording industry for decades and wanted to build a home for the world’s musicians to where they could share ideas and show the world their music. While Alert The Globe attracted the attention of musicians from the greatest bands in the world, it was also becoming the go-to website for the world’s viewers, lovers of music if you will.

Alert The Globe's mission statement is simply, "Bringing You and The World Together Through Music". Throughout 2021, you will be seeing many useful features being released as well as an audience that spans the world - from a small local bar with live music in Belgium to a major recording studio in Sausalito California, Alert The Globe will be there. With over 6500 live streams to date from all corners of this earth, our technology is many steps above the rest and it’s only going to get better.

The founders of Alert The Globe as well as all the musicians that have come aboard to be a part of the Globe Family consider this ‘Music Home' we are providing a thank you to all the musicians the world over that have helped raise our voices and soothe our souls.

Enjoy and thank you,

Alert The Globe Family

Board of Advisors

  • Davey Johnstone
  • Waddy Wachtel
  • Darryl Jones
  • Bernard Fowler
  • Roy Bittan
  • Mindi Abair
  • Gregg Bissonette
  • Marc Bonilla

Operations Team

  • Ron G Garrett
  • David Harrelson
  • Russell Henderson
  • Chelsea Kwolek
  • Paul Huff
  • Hillary Weiss
  • Robert Fisher
  • Mark Jacques
  • Damaris Mercado
  • Kellen Garrett
  • Ronnie Romano
  • Sindy Fredrick
  • Kevin Wachs
  • Jeff Chonis
  • Neal Faison
  • Rob Shanahan
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